Moto 365
Moto 365

Greetings from sunny Miami!

Moto365 is a unique project uniting various people with the same hobby: motorcycling.
Our aim is to create opportunities for like-minded people to communicate and interact. We want to share the beauty of the picturesque landscapes of Miami and other scenic corners of the US that we have visited while traveling on our motorcycles, and to announce our new routes.
Participants of this project include lawyers, doctors, photographers, journalists, artists and other people enthusiastic about traveling by motorcycle.
There are no obligations for becoming part of the project, as we are not a bike club. Motorcycle traveling is a unique pastime, a form of self expression, which enhances personal development both aesthetically and physically.
We are always ready to share with you.

I’d like to express my gratitude to my friends Gennady Sedikov and Andrey Nelepov for their support with this project.

Alexey Shaburov