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June 28, 2016

Saroléa's exquisite all-carbon SP7 electric superbike

Saroléa, Belgium’s first bicycle and motorcycle producer founded in 1850, presented its sporting prototype for IOM TT Zero 2016: the Saroléa SP7 electric motorcycle, which can speed up to 320 km/h in less than 10 seconds.

Two riders from Britain and Northern Ireland, Lee Johnston and Dean Harrison, will pilot SP7 at the annual electric motorsport competition on the Isle of Man, the TT Zero. Last year, SP6 missed out on the bronze prize by 0.4 seconds.

The motorcycle resembles a space shuttle rather than a ground-bound motor. In 2016 it was given Ohlins supports with a ceramic frame, titanium pro-Bolts, and extremely light OZ Racing wheel discs. The new dress is 20% more effective than last year’s, and the modernized power plant is capable of accelerating the bike 20 km/h faster than before.

The Saroléa SP7’s technical specifications:

  • Frame: Saroléa monotube carbon fibre frame
  • Motor: three-phase valve alternate electric drive
  • Transmission: Direct chain-driven; ceramic sprockets
  • Front brake: Beringer, four-piston facing slides
  • Rear brake: Beringer, four-piston disk brake caliper Radial Aerotec®
  • Rear disk brake: CeraCarbon Alu-Ceramic
  • Suspension: Öhlins FGR 300 fork + CeraCarbon tubes
  • Shock absorber: Öhlins TTX
  • Rear swingarm: carbon fibre monocoque
  • Top speed: over 320 km/h
  • Battery: Li-Ion
  • Front wheel: 17", Bridgestone Battlax Racing
  • Rear wheel: 17", Bridgestone Battlax Racing
  • Weight: 200 kg
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