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February 29, 2016

Cardo Scala rider SMARTPACK: Smart communication for small groups

Cardo presented a groundbreaking product in the field of mobile communication for motorcyclists: The Cardo scala rider SMARTPACK has been made to provide a permanent connection in a small group of riders on the road.

Last autumn Cardo presented its revolutionary Scala Rider Packtalk technology at the EICMA 2015 motorcycle salon in Milano. The Scala Rider Packtalk is based on the new networking technology DMC (Dynamic Meshwork Communication). The new technology uses the nearby smartphones as retranslating satellites, which provides uninterrupted connection of a wider range than ever before. With the maximum distance of 1 mile/ 1.6 km between riders, it allows for a 4-rider group to be spread along a 3-mile/5-km distance and never get lost.

The Cardo scala rider SMARTPACK is a group-use product to be used in the DMS mode but it is also compatible with Bluetooth to communicate with riders that are without the SMARTPACK feature; it also allows for intercom use and phone calls, playing music, listening to the radio (via A2DP), or receiving navigation instructions from GPS devices.


  • DMC intercom regime for multiple communication within a private virtual network for up to 4 participants
  • Unique design: a combination of a Roller-wheel and flat-plate control panel
  • Up to 1 mile / 1.6 km(1) Bike-to-Bike intercom and up to 5km with 4 or more riders
  • 4-Way Bluetooth Intercom Conferencing: 2 riders and their passengers or 3 separate riders (Full Duplex)
  • “1+8” Bluetooth Intercom Toggling: Toggle among 8 other riders
  • Click-to-Link® intercom for spontaneous conversation with other scala rider users nearby
  • Intercom-to-Mobile: Calls switch automatically to mobile when out of range
  • Cardo SmartSet™ Mobile App for remote control and on-the-go setting customization
  • Cardo Community® platform for social features, device customization & software upgrades
  • Hot-dial number
  • Make / Receive / Reject calls by voice command or at the push of a button
  • Receive GPS navigation instructions via Bluetooth
  • Built-in FM Radio with RDS
  • Connect wirelessly to MP3 players via A2DP for stereo music
  • Self-adjusting audio volume according to speed & ambient noise
  • Multilingual status announcements
  • Interchangeable hybrid and corded microphones
  • Dual replaceable speakers (3.5 mm)
  • Up to 13 hours talk-time/ 1 week stand-by
  • Waterproof & Dustproof
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