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Sunday ride “The cold was no spoke in our wheels”

West Palm Beach - Delray beach

Last Sunday was a dreadfully cold day in Miami. The sky was grey and overcast, and a strong gusting wind was blowing. The temperature dropped down to 50⁰F but because of the chilling wind it felt like no more than 30⁰F.

I’d been on a long-distance business trip abroad and we hadn’t ridden together for some time. All of us have our own business and things to take care of, but we are a team! So despite the weather’s unpleasantness we decided to take our iron horses for a long-awaited ride.

What can I say? This ride brought us a number of great thrills and experiences!

On our way we rode through many interesting places. For example, we crossed West Palm Beach, a picturesque seaport and resort city. Then we went to Delray Beach, which is famous for the Morikami Museum of Japanese Culture. It is also the sister town of the Japanese city of Miyazu. Located in Delray Beach there is also the headquarters of the American Orchid Society, which is the largest botanical society of a narrow specialization. The city annually hosts a tennis tournament and a movie festival featuring some 200 shows.

After a considerable time on the road we grew hungry and drove to the Ocean 234 seaside restaurant located on Deerfield Beach. It turned out to be a lovely place with a warm homey ambience, perfect for spending some time with your friends. We dined, enjoyed the ocean view and shared our thoughts of the ride.

To make a long story short, we had a great time together on the road.

Now we are so looking forward to our next ride! We also now know that neither wind nor rain can stop us from our on-the-road adventures and from discovering new places and experiences!

Till our next ride!