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Sunday ride on super bikes!

Sunny Isles Beach - Broward Motosports dealership (Fort Lauderdale) - Oceans' 234 Restaurant (Deerfield Beach) - Cafe 27 (Route 27, Weston)

Last weekend, February 28, the weather was exceptionally good and sunny. We decided it was a good sign to try riding super bikes.

Usually we ride Harley Davidson, but that day we felt like trying something new, so we opted for sportbikes.

For this ride we selected the Suzuki Hayabusa* and Kawasaki Ninja ZX -14 Supersport**.

Let me tell you, it was something!

The traffic was fairly free on the road as we were riding, and despite the US speed limits we managed to gain enough speed to feel the power and might of the motors we were riding. Thanks to the fact that there were few cars on the road we could test the flexibility and responsiveness of the bikes without causing trouble to the other road users.

The route we were following lay through scenic landscapes, and we were enjoying the picturesque views, the feeling of freedom and the joy of being with our mates.

The motorcycles we rode have very serious motors. Only sensible and experienced riders will be able to enjoy their power, might and beauty. If a reckless rider tries to ride such a motorcycle he will only cause trouble to other road users.

* Suzuki Hayabusa. 4 cylinders with 4 valves each; 1,299 cc engine with 197 hp capacity; top speed up to 188 mph (300 km/h); gains 60 mph in 2.6 seconds.

** Kawasaki Ninja ZX -14 Supersport. 4-cylinder four-stroke direct-injection water-cooled engine; 1,441 cc engine with 200 hp capacity; top speed up to 188 mph (300 km/h); capable of accelerating from 0–60 mph in 2.5 seconds.