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Route: Miami, Sunny Isles Beach - Captiva Island – Miam

17800 Atlantic Blvd - Chokoloskee - Captiva - Okeechobee Lake - Miami Beach

On Friday, November 6, the three of us (Andrey, Alexey and Sergey) set off on our Harley Davidson bikes in the direction of the Western Coast. The total length of the route is 420 miles, some 12 hours, rest included.

It’s our tradition to start on our way from the gas station by the Aqualina complex. We take 163rd Road to get to the 826th speedway towards the Everglades national park.

Before entering the Everglades (Route 41) we make a stop at a gas station to get a great Colada coffee and be joined by our fourth mate, Gennady, on his white Harley S Glide.

The strong coffee gives us a boost, and after refilling our tanks we set off. We ride along 41 through the Everglades at a leisurely 60-70 mph. The road offers wonderful views, and you don’t feel like hurrying. We ride enjoying quiet music and the trademark sound of the HD’s motor .

At some point we make a stop to snap some photos in a tourist zone where many families come on the weekend to enjoy camping and barbecues.

After a short break we climb back onto our bikes and head off towards the Chokoloskee Island Park to our favourite Havana Café, serving delicious shore dishes at a reasonable price.

On our way back we enjoy the scenic views of the wilderness and of the Gulf of Mexico.

We follow Route 41 to Naples, pass it by and ride on to Captiva island. Captiva is quite different from Hispanic Miami; it is more “American”, with another rhythm of life and clear American English. Even the nature is slightly different. There are more varieties of tropical plants and views over the Gulf. We find, by the by, that the ocean in Miami is more beautiful. There it is full of blues, greens and aquamarine, whereas here it is mainly grey.

Following the narrow local roads we get to a small restaurant full of relaxing Americans.

We stuff ourselves, gaining at least 6 pounds each, and head towards home to Okeechobee Lake.

Awesome, isn’t it?

At a leisurely pace we ride home down Route 27, finishing our 12-hour ride around Florida.

Till our next ride!