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Miami - Davie

It’s so great to meet your friends and companions after a week of hard work!

We haven’t seen each other for a whole week, and we had really been looking forward to riding our bikes together again. Before starting on our route we had a hearty breakfast and then set off. The weather was sunny and friendly, perfect for our ride. We were roaring our bikes towards new places and emotions. After the ride we went back to Miami and had a nice dinner in a local restaurant. Over the meal we shared our thoughts about the ride and discussed our plans for the next weekend. We have a ride to the north of Florida planned for 20th of February. We prepared the route for the ride and elaborated on the details. Afterwards we went home to do our domestic chores, but all of our thoughts are already concerned with the coming ride. We can’t wait to get together again and rush forward towards new horizons with our friends by our side!