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Heading for the ocean

Miami - West Palm Beach - Miami

This time we started our journey on Sunday. As you remember, we have a tradition of setting off early in the morning. It is a very special feeling: riding towards the rising sun and celebrating the new day.

There are three main roadways in Florida. The first is the 95, which is an ordinary highway. Second is Route 1 which winds along the seaside through the numerous cities and towns. This road has many traffic lights and a speed limit of 45-60 mph. Finally, the most scenic road, the A1A State Road, running just along the Atlantic Ocean! That was the road we chose for our ride. If you want to see what Florida really is, you should choose this road. The whole way you will see scenes that we’ve come to associate with Florida from Hollywood movies: luxurious beaches, hotels, palms, parks bustling with day and night activity all year round, as there is no winter in Florida! That’s what makes Florida is a year-round tourist destination.

Let’s get back to our ride. Americans are hard to be found in the streets on Sundays before daytime, when they get outside to drive to one of the numerous cozy local restaurants to dine.

So that’s why, starting on our way early in the morning, we found the roads completely empty. We were moving along the coast, enjoying the morning ocean breeze, with droplets of ocean water sprayed by the wind reaching our happy faces. I, dear friends, have a confession to make: that feeling is something absolutely unforgettable. With the addition of the smell of the ocean, I’m lost for words. There are many ways to describe our feelings, but there aren’t enough words to describe the flavor of the ocean. It’s too deep and rich to be pinned down by words. The ocean smell is different for every person, it’s individual and incomparable.

Our emotions induced by the ocean were strengthened by the fact we were driving motorcycles. You can never get half of the same range of emotions from driving in a car!

Another tradition we’ve established for our rides is visiting one of our favorite Florida cities: West Palm Beach. This time we popped in there too. We grabbed a cup of coffee in Starbucks and enjoying the aroma of the freshly-brewed dark liquid combined with the picturesque oceanfront views we discussed our plans for the next ride.

Next time we’re going to go to the Leesburg Bikefest from April 21st-24nd, 2016. It’ll be a perfect place to enjoy the company of fellow riders and the unique atmosphere of the biker’s brotherhood!

The ride was a doubly festive occasion for me: I was experiencing a wonderful ride, and I was riding my old favourite black motor that had spent a long time in the garage, longing to see new roads and new adventures.

Our Sunday ride was not a very long one, for we all had busy plans for the day, so we took Route 95 to hurry back towards our homes and families.

Stay tuned, soon we’ll post a report on the Leesburg Bikefest!

Alexey Shaburov