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Exploring the great lakes of Florida

Miami - Palatka - Fort Pierce - Miami

We all had busy plans for the past weekend but the roads of America lured our biker souls. We made a spontaneous decision to take off on a ride after all. We got ready and hopped on our iron horses on Saturday afternoon.

We took Route 27 that crosses Florida almost in the middle to the north.

A network of canals connects Lake Okeechobee with the Atlantic Ocean. The huge Everglades National Park neighbours the lake – one of the largest in the US, it occupies 1,508,538 acres of subtropical forests being the largest rainforest in the continental US. Everglades National Park is listed as a UNESCO world heritage.

After that our route lay past several significant Florida lakes such as Kissimmee Chain of Lakes, Lake Kissimmee, Lake Tohopekaliga, Lake Apopka, and Lake George. They are also referred to as the water pearls of Florida.

It was getting late as we arrived in Palatka. It was a calm night with a full moon shining in the sky, creating a mood for a friendly conversation and contemplation of nature’s beauty. It was quite late in the night and the restaurant we were dining in was almost deserted, but we didn’t feel like going to sleep. We were sharing our thoughts of the road and the new places we had seen. We spent the night near Palatka and in the morning decided to make another round about the lakes and try the ferry at St. WF great disappointment, the ferry service was closed because of the heavy rain they had during the night. That’s Florida weather for you , in one place the sun is shining and somewhere nearby it’s pouring rain.

We rode around our favourite places in Palatka once more and turned our bikes towards home.

On our way home we stopped in the nice town of Fort Pierce to have a meal at a very picturesque place , a biker-friendly restaurant Archie’s Seabreeze. There we not only dined but also enjoyed a conversation with fellow road enthusiasts .

We got home by 6 pm, satisfied and ready for new rides across the roads of America!