Moto 365
Moto 365

The wind, freedom and motorcycles are what I live for.
Endless road in front and endless sky above is all I breathe. While I’m riding, I’m alive…


Traveling around the USA on a Harley Davidson and more

The Moto 365 project is more than just travel notes. It’s a unique blog about motorcycle travels around the diverse corners of the US, from the scenic forests and lakes of Michigan to the dusty roads of Arizona.

What is the most famous American motorcycle? Surely it is Harley Davidson! And it’s definitely worth dedicating an entire blog to it. But our friends travel on motorcycles of various brands. You will find photo reports of their travels on this site.

We’ve created a forum dedicated to traveling by motorcycle for everyone to be able to share his or her experiences and perhaps inspire someone else to develop their own motorcycle travel route.

Don’t let your Harley or another bike gather dust. Conquer new roads and send stories and photo reports of your rides around the USA to our motorcycle travel forum.

Motorcycle travel: video and photo reports

It would be unwise to limit ourselves to photo reports while we have YouTube , where everyone can see the videos we share from our rides.

You can find links to the most interesting videos from our motorcycle trips on our motorcycle travel forum or on the YouTube channel of the Moto 365 project.

There are many reasons why we choose to share the stories of our rides. It’s not just the love of the road, Harley Davidson and the freedom permeating every moment of our rides. It is the understanding of the uniqueness and unspeakable beauty of each photographic moment of our motorcycle rides. It’s impossible to describe all the emotions we feel when setting off on a new ride. But it’s possible to record a video of a motorcycle ride for people around the globe to watch, to share the rush of going at great speeds, the feeling of freedom and the admiration of nature’s beauty around us. For it is truly spectacular and captivating to watch videos of motorcycle riding!

Stay tuned! Read new articles, discover the best moments of the photo reports and watch videos about travelling by motorcycle on our YouTube channel!